Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh, Tulips!

It's officially May flowers since so many flowers have been planted this week! I wish I lived near Oregon, where I could go to the Tulip fest. All those lovely tulips just look delightful. Tulips aren't my favorite flowers but they are quite beautiful when in bloom.

And I am loving midi skirts this time around. I was never a big fan of mini skirts since I would always have to wear a short underneath so as not to show any undergarments, but now all that is gone because the midi skirt is here! I was hesitant about them since I'm rather short at just 5'2 so I feared they would make me appear even shorter. But that's not necessarily true. For shorter gals, they look best when worn with high heels so as to add a little height to us. And what's even better than midi skirts are pleated midi skirts. I am in love with pleats this season as they just add a subtle romantic and vintage feel and look to an outfit.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Taste of Summer

This week is projected to be rainy and cold. What a bummer since I was looking forward to taking pictures in my midi skirts. April is really living up to its expected showers. At least there were a few sunny days before a week of rain settles in.

I never did like crop tops because they seem to look like shirts you've outgrown, but I have to say that I adore this top! I love the red checkered print. It reminds me so much of a lazy picnic at the park soaking in the sun and sipping ice-cold lemonade and ravishing sweet, juicy watermelon slices.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sweet Taste of Spring

I think I can say that Spring is finally here! Yesterday was a nice, balmy 70 degrees! It was just such a perfect day after a week of cloudy days and rain. The sun was shining, a nice cool breeze was blowing, and the skies were a clear baby blue. There was a thunderstorm late in the evening, but the morning was just amazing.

I must say that I am now an avid lover of boater hats! I was never a fan of boater hats (or of hats in general) since hats never seem to match me, but I decided to try this one and I love it! I love its vintage look and the faux floral on the brim. I also love that it can be paired with almost any outfit. It just seems to add an extra sweetness to an outfit.

(Outfit: F21 dress, hat, shoes; Target purse)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skirt of Roses

Hi lovelies! I found some more spring blossoms! These are bright sunny blooms and so cheerful! Since everything is still dead around here, I thought I would liven up my outfit with a skirt full or roses! I am quite happy that floral prints are so in this season because I adore floral prints! I used to have problems finding floral prints, but now I have problems deciding which pieces to choose from.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

(Outfit: Urban Outfitters blazer & leggings, H&M shirt, F21 skirt)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orange You Lovely!

I love the bright orange color of this coat! It's a bit contagious, I think. Wearing it makes me quite cheery as well. And it also pairs beautifully with rusts, reds, and blues (colors which I'm starting to love). I love it, but not sure if it's definitely a keeper or not. It is a tad too big since I am still not quite getting the hang of ASOS sizing. This makes me appreciate stores so much, where you can actually try on clothing before you buy it.

And the weekend is starting so I hope you all have two days of rest and laughter.

(ASOS jacket & tights, F21 dress)