Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music for the Soul: Yiruma

Yiruma is such a fabulous and amazing piano player! His compositions are so beautiful and heart-wrenching. I've never heard anyone else compose such beautiful piano music like him. I do wonder where he finds his inspiration though. He has a website, but it's in Korean so I don't understand anything on there.

If you are a piano music fan, I urge you to listen to him if you haven't already. You won't be sorry you did. He really is simply amazing. My two top favorite pieces from him are Kiss The Rain and River Flows In You.

I just couldn't resist putting up these lovely images from Yiruma's Kiss The Rain album. These images implement his music so well being delicate and whimsical.

I have provided River Flows In You below for your hearing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Decor Do's & Don'ts

Since I am planning to decorate my apartment, I have made a list of do's and don'ts to guide me and help make decorating easier. I haven't done much into my project but buy the fabric for my accent pillows. I've somewhat gotten the hang of sewing so hopefully when I do actually sew my pillows, they won't turn out to be a total disaster.

Well, here goes my list for now....

5 Decor Rule of Thumbs

1. Don't try to buy everything at once. Doing so won't benefit you because the pieces you buy will not be for your home but are just to complete a project.

2. When buying anything, make sure you love it first before buying it because if you don't love it, you will never use it.

3. Be adventurous and creative! Don't match everything to be safe because most of the times, safe is really boring.

4. Don't shy away from contrast. Include something light, something dark, something boring, or something exotic - your boundaries are limitless! Doing so will not only add different textures but a variety of elements into your home.

5. Don't overplan and clutter your home. Space is just as important as furnishings and decor because it creates a calming illusion, allowing you to breathe and move. Remember that sometimes, less if often more.

I have to say that I am really guilty of #2. I tend to buy a lot of things that I just partially like and then I wind up never using them and wasting my money. I tend to think that because I like it somewhat, I'll like it more later on - which is not true! So I'll have to be very careful of #2 when shopping LOL.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Must Have Vases!

These blue and white print vases are a lovely addition to any collection. They just look so regal and sophisticated. I think I might like to start my own personal collection soon =). I just love the stark contrast of the dark blue prints against the white. In addition, any kind of flower would also look pretty in these vases. I think it would be a worthy investment, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eco-Friendly Cottage

What a very lovely eco-friendly cottage home this is. I love the light and cheery colors fused with the used wood furniture. The apple-green sofa covers are so yummy! They make me crave granny smith apples dipped in pepper LOL.

What a yummy living room. I love how the pink flowers complement the green-striped sofa covers so well! This room makes me want to jump in there and sleep all day ;p.

Who doesn't adore an old collection of glass jars? I'd love to collect some! =)

Isn't that just the most adorable lamp ever?!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seeing the Light

I am going to set out to be a creative designer ;p. I'll be moving to a new apartment during the fall so I'm planning the decor for it. It will be a fantastic opportunity for me to try my hand at interior decorating. My budget will roughly be $200 so I'll have to plan carefully what I want and look around for the best price possible. Right now the rooms will all be white since I can't paint my walls and because I don't want to anyway. Color rooms are great to look at, but I would never be able to stick to a color room since I would get tired of it way too soon. I can live with white because it's so versatile, being able to work with any kind of decor. It's also a very small apartment so the planning is not going to be extensive, but I'm still really excited. When it's finished, I'll post the pictures up and hopefully my decor will be lovely.

This will be my very first time trying my hand at interior decorating so hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster. In the meantime, these rooms will be my inspiration for they are ever so breathtaking.

This is my favorite room because it looks and feels like such a warm and inviting room. It's simply love!

I just love how the the light blue, dark prints, and flowers work and complement each other so well. The old wooden table is also a very lovely touch.

I love the pristine whiteness of this room with just a hint of color. It reminds me of a languid summer day lounging at the beach.

Even though the artworks are not matched, that's perfectly fine because they add so much character and depth to the lovely sage walls.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lovely Terrariums

Oh goodness, I'm falling in love with terrariums. They're so lovely to look at; green life brimming inside of a glass vase. I have been trying to find to find some glass vases to plant to make my own terrariums, but I haven't found any great glass vases that I want to work with yet. It's a bit hard since I'm so picky about everything. Maybe I'll just construct synthetic terrariums since I don't know if I have much of a green thumb.

And just a side note....I wanted Magics to win Game 2 just because they're the underdogs, but I'll have to admit that the 3-point shot by LeBron James with one second left was amazing. I think it was 90% skill and 10% luck just because he had so little time to make sure his shot would be accurate. But still an amazing shot nonetheless.

(Sorry, I don't quite remember where I got these images from)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Pocketful of Sunshine

I am not a big fan of yellow, but it works so well in these rooms. I never thought yellow could look this gorgeous. Instead of being generic and boring, these rooms use yellow to accentuate the accents so well (if they aren't the accents themselves).

I love the yellow accents against the white bedroom; such a lovely contrast.

(Images 1 & 2 from Decor Amor, and I forgot the rest. Sorry!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabulous Designer Wedding Dresses

I wouldn't obtain a designer dress for a wedding simply because it's unnecessary to spend so much on a dress that you will wear one time only. Wedding are a bit overrated, in my opinion. So much emphasis is put on it being the perfect day. Everything has to go right like the hair, the flowers, the dress, and the location that the reason for marriage is somehow lost and partially loses its meaningful. A perfect wedding will not guarantee a perfect life ahead. And the dress is just a minor detail. The bigger picture is that you're marrying the one you love and cherish.

But that doesn't mean I still can't appreciate these lovely dresses. These designer wedding dresses are simply amazing because they're so breezy and intricate. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smell of Spring......

Today is such a beautiful day, the air smelling ever so sweet and green. Spring is my favorite season because it's so fleeting that you enjoy every moment of it. Summer and winter are too long that after awhile you take them for granted and get tired of them. But not spring for it doesn't linger. It's barely a whisper that you can feel unless you take a moment and simply revel in its pure bliss. (image from deviantart)

And who can forget about those lovely spring dresses. (images from