Monday, July 13, 2009

Calming Rooms

Wow, it's been awhile since I've been on here - almost two weeks! Anywho, it's going to be busy from here on out. I have a lot of family and friend social functions for the rest of this month and then next month I will be busy moving into my new apartment, and then school will start. I don't want to go back to school yet for I haven't even fully enjoyed my summer yet!

But for right now, I'm loving these lovely peaceful rooms. They're simple and calming - slowing down my hectic days.

I love the the plain white walls with minimal furnishings - sometimes less is really more. The room feels like it's a cloud floating in the sky.

I love the splash of floral in an otherwise all-white room. There is just such a tranquilizing peacefulness as sunlight softly streams in. I think I would definitely fall into a deep slumber sleeping in this lovely room ;p

This room is so lovely. I especially adore the black chandelier hanging up because it adds a stark contrast with the soft muted colors in the room. The wood-beamed ceiling are also another lovely touch - adding a small architectural elegance to the room.

I adore these white and blue pieces adorning white rooms. They simply transform a plain one into one emanating regalness and elegance.

(1. forgot, 2. forgot, 3. Jason Lucas, 4. & 5. Judith Miller)


Room design studio said...

I would definetly think that White and Blue is very calming when used in interiors! I love those, full of rawness and nature !

I'm trying to purchase some antique ( or at least antique looking) dishes that look like those. Not easy to find in Kuwait! Off to search on Etsy maybe?

{eloquent essence} said...

Hmmm......Have you already tried Ebay?

alice said...

I love blue and white china and these pictures are so pretty!