Monday, December 21, 2009

Along for the Ride

I have not been here on here in a long time, so I thought I would give the blog a new look. It did take me about 5-6 hours to learn how to do a basic customization on blogger though LOL. And yay, I finally got done with my finals! =)

I'm seriously thinking about getting a bike for the summer. It would be very beneficial in getting me my exercise, saving money on gas, and decreasing CO2 into the atmosphere. When I tried with my friend's bike, I've never really liked riding on campus since I was always so slow and almost everyone passed me by. But I guess, I should get over that fact and just ride ;p.

On a note, bicycling should really be promoted more for its health and environmental benefits. A lot of the daily activities that we do, we can get around on a bicycle. Sure, it may take a while longer to get there and back, but we're also exercising so we don't have to take the time to go to the gym. People seem to exercise more when it's integrated into their lifestyles so I think bicycling will be a great way for people to be more active.

I was looking around and came upon these stylishly gorgeous bikes. I love the bright blue and crimson red bikes. They just give me a warm, vintage vibe.

Bikes are also being used somewhat more in magazines.

I just love the woven baskets on her bicycle - trendy and functional.

(images from Riding Pretty)

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