Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stop Falling In Love?

I think my problem is that I fall in love too easily. I see something and crazily fall in love with it. And then my love for that thing dies down and it's just all such a waste. For example, I bought some painting supplies when I saw some gorgeous watercolor paintings and sketches, but I haven't touched my painting supplies since my first attempt! Then I bought a sewing book because I really wanted to learn how to sew my own dresses, but I haven't even gotten around to reading the book yet. I'm just glad I didn't buy a sewing machine or a mannequin yet. And now, I'm falling in love with photography since I just bought a Holga and two film cameras.

I feel like sometimes I'm really impulsive when I fall in love with hobbies at first sight. I don't have all the time in the world nor the resources to do everything I would want to do, not if I really want to explore and do well in those hobbies. I also think not having instant gratification kills my love for those hobbies. My first painting turned out terrible and I just lost the passion to paint.

I think photography will be the real hobby for me since I have always loved it, from my first film camera back in middle school to my first digital point-and-shoot. And unlike painting, I've gone ups and downs with photography. Some pictures turned out horrible and were a waste while some were average, and a few were really good. As for sewing, I might still try it out since I did buy the book and I did borrow my mom's sewing machine. But I just don't know when that will be LOL.

But I think I should post a big post-it note somewhere that says to "Stop Falling In Love!!!" ;p But then again, I also feel like if I don't try something that I like then I'll also never know so........I don't really know where that leaves me. Maybe I should look at exploration as a good thing (even though it does waste money).

P.S. I think this is the longest post I have ever written LOL.


Anne said...

I think exploration is a good thing. You are obviously a woman with a variety of interests and a thirst for knowledge. I am so varied in my interests also, but they tend to go in cycles. Right now I am on a sewing and gardening kick. Next week it will be something else. After years of exploring these whims, I now have enough supplies on hand that when, for example, the urge to start painting again comes around, I already have everything I need. Don't ever stop falling in love... just be mindful not drop a lot of money to support each new love. Falling in love keeps us fresh and vital! Have a good week.

{eloquent essence} said...

I apologize for taking so long to respond back. I was just caught in finals and papers.

But thank you for the lovely reply! I think you captured it perfectly - that falling in love keeps us fresh and vital! =) Without the ability to seek new things, our lives become dull and trite.