Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Summer

Hello lovely readers. Sorry I have been MIA for a bit as I've been quite bummed about not receiving the summer job I wanted. I know that you can't get everything and that there will be ups and downs with some doors closing and others opening. But at the same time, rejection still hurts.

To cheer myself up, I have made a summer-to-do list (not in any particular order).
  • Take at least one photo each day
  • Learn how to sew a dress
  • Study for the GRE
  • Sew a few dresses
  • Practice video shooting
  • Shoot at least one short film
  • Go on a trip to New York
  • Go canoeing
  • Read books I've been wanting to read
  • Go see the last Harry Potter film in theater
  • Work out daily

One thing I'm going to really look forward to doing is reading. I haven't been able to read any  books I wanted since there's so much reading with schoolwork already so book reading will  be a summer delight. Yes, I'm a total bookworm. I can totally get lost in a book, which is sometimes more fulfilling than a film because it's all in my imagination. Have any of you stayed up all night just to read because the book is too good to put down? That is the sign of a bookworm and a good book.

And another thing, I cannot wait for the last Harry Potter film!  Anyone else planning to see this? I have not read the books because I saw the movies first so I think it would ruin the books for me. I dislike knowing what's going to happen because it just ruins the suspense. But yes, the last part seems so intense and full of tragic and bittersweet endings. "Can't wait!" (If you know where I got that quote from, thumbs up.)


Two Happy Hearts said...

sorry to hear about not getting the summer job - but don't let it get you down! you're looking as CUTE as ever and your outfit just made me smile ;) i love the color combination so much.

and i love your list! i've got some summer goals as well, and some are the same as yours....i'd love to see the short films you come up with! i'm sure they'll be so lovely.

Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful dress, this colour is lovely on you!

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

Cute dress, love the soft drapery xoxo

Julia_Julia said...


Una said...

your photos are so wonderful !! love them !

Jenna said...

love the dress! and the photos.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so pretty. x hivenn

Juliet said...

Sewings not hard at all, so that's an easy thing to start with. And I love your dress!

Juliet xxx

maggeygrace said...

The second after my last final, I literally got into my car and drove to Hastings to buy a book. I have missed them SO much!!!! I'm a bookworm, too:) I'm sorry about the job but it's great that you are turning it around to a positive thing.

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thanks gals for the sweet comments. ^_^

Thanks for the support Christen! But ahhh, filming without any support is proving to be quite difficult.

Thanks Maggey! It feels really good to hold a book again hehe. ^_^

Meisha.Style said...

this dress is so lovely! i like how you style with the skinny belt!

kathleen said...

you've got lovely photos on your blog!