Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sultry Evenings

- This is a descriptive piece I wrote for my speech class. I've been meaning to shoot a short video with it but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy it.

Trickles of salty sweat slivers down the nape of my neck as I stand on the edge of the pier looking at the picturesque pristine lake in front of me. The sapphire water glistens under the sweltering summer sun. With each slight puff of the scorching July breeze, the shimmering light would coquettishly frolic from one speck of water to another, dancing until the lake scintillated and shimmered like a thousand raw jagged diamonds.

I take a deep breath and the pungent aroma of prickly pine trees, so heady and succulent, engulfs my senses. The biting scent tickles my nostrils while the dry air parches moisture from my lungs.

Thin sharp needles of heat soon greet me, piercing through my thin cotton sundress. To cool off, I dip my feet into the lake and feel tepid tresses of velvety liquid caress around my toes. A small sigh of contentment escapes my lips as my feet playfully swirl with the water. Swoosh, swish, swoosh. My feet flicks up and the water ripples like a beating drum. Fast thumps that soon hushes.

The scorching sun was relentless in her rage and I soon gave in. Taking off my dress, I plunge into the gleaming lapis waters. Darkness echoes around me like a bittersweet symphony as I let myself sink, deeper and deeper into the endless dark abyss. My lungs start to burn, my heart starts to pound, my ears start to ring. I pull my arms up. My feet pedal upwards, faster and faster. Harder and harder. Gasp! I push to the surface and take a big gulp of air. The sharp scent of the pine trees meet me once again.

As the roaring fire in my lungs calmed and the throbbing of my heart dulled, I float on my back and close my eyes, listening to the soft soothing lullaby of the waves dancing against me.


cryskay said...

i adore this post! the photos are amazing and you look super cute in the polka dot jumper! xx

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love your polka dotted romper! and really great photos :)

jenna said...

pretty pics

maggeygrace said...

This post is perfffect. I love the bubbles- they make these pictures so much fun and so happy! They feel like summer. I am in love with your dress- you look so sweet in it!

Victoria said...

Lovely photos. Lov ethe one with the bubbles, you look adorable. x

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments!