Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Dew

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.
       - Confucius 

Now that I look back, I'm terribly upset at myself that I did not accomplish half of the things I wanted to do last summer. The time spent waiting and waiting just got lost and withered away. Even though the failings and the falls hurt, it is getting back up that matters most. So this summer shall be different. I'm going to make a list and actually plan for it rather than just waiting spontaneously for the right moment because sometimes those right moments don't necessarily come at you. A lot of the times, we must create a situation for the moment to occur in. And of course, planned events run much smoother and are more likely to happen than spontaneous ones.

Summer has not yet officially begun so we still have plenty of time to plan ideas and events. Do you all have your fabulous summer plans and events set?

Dress & Sunglasses: Forever21


Two Happy Hearts said...

Beautiful photos! You look stunning.
And the ONLY way I can keep track of all my goals is to keep a million "To Do" lists! It can get a bit out of hand, but it works for me ;)

jenna said...

lovely pics

Laura (White Winters) said...

Pretty pictures!