Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seeing the Light

I am going to set out to be a creative designer ;p. I'll be moving to a new apartment during the fall so I'm planning the decor for it. It will be a fantastic opportunity for me to try my hand at interior decorating. My budget will roughly be $200 so I'll have to plan carefully what I want and look around for the best price possible. Right now the rooms will all be white since I can't paint my walls and because I don't want to anyway. Color rooms are great to look at, but I would never be able to stick to a color room since I would get tired of it way too soon. I can live with white because it's so versatile, being able to work with any kind of decor. It's also a very small apartment so the planning is not going to be extensive, but I'm still really excited. When it's finished, I'll post the pictures up and hopefully my decor will be lovely.

This will be my very first time trying my hand at interior decorating so hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a total disaster. In the meantime, these rooms will be my inspiration for they are ever so breathtaking.

This is my favorite room because it looks and feels like such a warm and inviting room. It's simply love!

I just love how the the light blue, dark prints, and flowers work and complement each other so well. The old wooden table is also a very lovely touch.

I love the pristine whiteness of this room with just a hint of color. It reminds me of a languid summer day lounging at the beach.

Even though the artworks are not matched, that's perfectly fine because they add so much character and depth to the lovely sage walls.

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