Friday, May 29, 2009

Decor Do's & Don'ts

Since I am planning to decorate my apartment, I have made a list of do's and don'ts to guide me and help make decorating easier. I haven't done much into my project but buy the fabric for my accent pillows. I've somewhat gotten the hang of sewing so hopefully when I do actually sew my pillows, they won't turn out to be a total disaster.

Well, here goes my list for now....

5 Decor Rule of Thumbs

1. Don't try to buy everything at once. Doing so won't benefit you because the pieces you buy will not be for your home but are just to complete a project.

2. When buying anything, make sure you love it first before buying it because if you don't love it, you will never use it.

3. Be adventurous and creative! Don't match everything to be safe because most of the times, safe is really boring.

4. Don't shy away from contrast. Include something light, something dark, something boring, or something exotic - your boundaries are limitless! Doing so will not only add different textures but a variety of elements into your home.

5. Don't overplan and clutter your home. Space is just as important as furnishings and decor because it creates a calming illusion, allowing you to breathe and move. Remember that sometimes, less if often more.

I have to say that I am really guilty of #2. I tend to buy a lot of things that I just partially like and then I wind up never using them and wasting my money. I tend to think that because I like it somewhat, I'll like it more later on - which is not true! So I'll have to be very careful of #2 when shopping LOL.

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