Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chest Full of Treasures

I think I may have found something I really want to collect - vintage suitcases. I used to collect stamps and aluminum soda caps but I lost interest and eventually gave both of them up. I just couldn't find any interesting stamps or caps to keep my enthusiasm alive so I quit. After that, I just never really found something that I really wanted to have a collection of.

But now, I think I have found my calling. Vintage suitcases are not only hip and stylish, but they can also be used as storage - a two for one for anybody. I think they would be perfect for storing my scrapbook photos and other miscellaneous items. They would also be good for storing my fabric scraps. I would love to hit a vintage shop and score one of these babies but these photos will have to do for now.

How cheerfully pink!

So many to choose from...

This one is just too cute! It's supposed to be a coin purse and a bit small for my liking, but still so lovely.

(1. Yvette Inufio, 2. Yvette Inufio, 3. Gabrielle Kai, 4. ZSita, 5. Yvette Inufio, 6. Alphanumericc)

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