Monday, April 5, 2010

Pretty Braids

I wish my hair was not so flat and straight, but had a little more volume in it. I would love to dress it up in braids. Braids are very simple, yet so romantic. You can also get very creative with them - just look at all the styles below! In addition, they can easily transform from romantic braids during the day to loose waves at night.

I love this one. Very couture.

(1. via Suzywire, 2. via rndmrndm, 3. via misswallflower, 4. WeHeartIt, 5. WeHeartIt)


Anne Hammett said...

Hi, I just found your blog via lily-g. I am a new blogger also and always thrill to support others in their flight toward success. You post the most beautiful images! I can't wait to read more! Take care,

{eloquent essence} said...

Thanks! I always love having new readers. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the posts. =)