Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Still Winter

As much as I have been lusting for Spring to unravel, it snowed yesterday. It's not too bad here in the Midwest since we probably got 1-2 inches only. The East coast sure snowed though with 17-18 inches.  Wheww.

It's not that I hate snow because fresh fallen snow is strikingly tranquil and beautiful. But the matter is that I detest winter.  I don't know what to wear because I get too cold too easily.  What puzzles me is how some people can wear leggings during winter and stay warm because if I did, I'd probably freeze to death or get the flu for the duration of winter. So I'm literally dressed like an Eskimo to preserve warmth. I get terribly sad looking at my dresses, hanging so lonely in the closet. But, c'est la vie.

I'm off to the dentist so hopefully I don't get too traumatized by the experience. Stay warm!


KANI said...

oh the photos here are so gorgeous, they are so filled with light and remind me of summer days, despite the snow!
love it :))

Rain said...

Thanks dear! I guess they look so cheery because I'm patiently waiting for spring and summer. ^_^