Sunday, January 30, 2011

Under the Twinkling Lights

It wasn't too cold yesterday so I went ice-skating with the boyfriend, my little brother, and my cousin. It was quite fun and I'm happy to say I did not fall and embarrass myself.  =D  I don't go skating except during winter so every year I have to relearn how to ice-skate. I guess it's not something I'll ever be adept at. I'm quite jealous when I see little 6-7 year-olds skate so professionally, but alas, I must be content since I can barely stop without using something for support.

The ice-skating rink we went to was a small one that's located in downtown Milwaukee. It's beautifully decorated during winter with twinkling lights wrapped around the trees so skating there at night is a delightful treat. Well, the small park areas located downtown are always nicely decorated during winter. If it wasn't so cold at night, I would wander along the streets and enjoy the view at night.


Shamsa said...

beautiful pictures! it all looks so magical!

Jenna said...

wow, you're finally posting again! all the photos are so pretty!

Trou said...

Thank you much guys! And yes, I'm quite sorry about the long lapse between postings.