Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Picnic in the Sun

This weekend was quite warm so my boyfriend and I had a little picnic at the park. It was just a fun little trip we decided in the midst of the warm weather and it was also a little celebration for our third year anniversary together. Sometimes, I still can't believe we were together for that long. But it's been a great three years.

For our little linner (lunch and dinner hehe), we made some rice flour wraps topped with spicy peanut chili. The peanut chili was so spicy that my mouth was literally burning. But luckily, I bought some milk to wash away a bit of the hotness. And then we also brought a few of the cupcakes I made earlier in the week. Some pedestrians looked at us oddly but I can't help it. I was joyous about the warm weather for a change. And there are no pictures of my boyfriend because he would not allow me to take any of him due to his longish hair. Sadly, the weather has turned somewhat cold and very rainy so no more picnics for awhile.


Two Happy Hearts said...

lovely photos, as usual :) you're so adorable! congratulations on your 3 year anniversary. that's wonderful!

D e g a i n e said...

you look so fabulous, i love this

d e g a i n e


Allegra said...

yummy yummy yummy! looks amazing

goodbadnfab said...

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Camila Rech said...

i'm camila! from Brazil.
I don't speak english very well.. but.. i wanted to commend your blog!
so very beautiful!


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Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thank you much darlings! I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend planned. ^__^

I V Y said...

beautiful stripes and cupcakes <3

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Jenna said...

goodness, you are so adorable in this set. love all the photos.

potpie du monde said...

I love the adorable stripes & the idea of the picnic! Your blog is so chic!

whitney said...

These photos are so so dreamy! I love your blog, and am now following :)


Roxy Heart said...

Cute blog, outfit and cupcake!
Want to follow each other?

Clean Approach said...

Great photos. Oh, how I love stripes and cupcakes.

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Take a look! :)

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thanks lovelies! I hope your weekends are going by fabulously.