Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Smell Spring in the Air

Yesterday was so beautiful out! I was fine wearing just my cardigan and knit leggings. So I hope this means that Spring will soon be here to stay. Blossoms have not sprung up yet, but I have hope. I think you can tell you happy I am about the warm weather with the cheesiness of my photos, but I can't help myself. A little sunshine and warmth brightens up my day.

And I guess you know by now that I love polka-dots. There's just something retro and vintage about polka-dots that it never gets old for me. It gives an outfit a classic vintage look without even trying. The print of this dress is quite darling, but I am not a huge fan of the material. The dress itself tends to ride up my waist when I move and the fabric can get quite static. But it's light and airy so it's perfect for summer walks and outings.


maggeygrace said...

Awwww your polka dots are gorgeous! I love that cozy looking cardigan with it, too. You look so chic and comfortable. I love these pictures. Do you have a tumblr? Please get one:)

Joy C. said...

You look really pretty! I'm so happy the weather's going great for you (though from my years of living at MI reminds me that spring doesn't usually come this early). Gorgeous, soft, romantic photographs as per usual - enjoy the sun!

Lily said...

You look gorgeous! As all of he photos, by the way. I am particularly in love with the one of the oranges! :)


the-caramel-lady said...

Whaou! I just find your blog, and I love it:) So wonderful photos!
Hope you will visit my blog:)

Follow me if you want, and I follow you back :)

Jan said...

Lovely pics!
&You've got such a cool header,
that vest is gorgeous (:

Jenna said...

love the dress! and the photos!

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thanks lovelies!

maggeygrace - I may just get a twitter account. =)

Joy C. - Yeah, Spring is definitely not here yet but it's just wishful thinking on my part LOL.

KANI said...

your photos are so gorgeous and dreamy! love it <3 also hope you sorted the asos out! it's terrible getting something that doesn't fit :(

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thanks! They were out of stock for the items I wanted so I just received a refund. I'm quite sad, but I guess now I know about ASOS's sizing.