Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Disappointing Birthday

It was my birthday this past weekend, and my boyfriend did literally nothing to make it special for me. I don't expect anything grand or big from him, but he could have done something small and special like a card and flowers. It's not like I get cards and flowers every week so surprising me with them would have made me really happy. But no, he didn't do anything at all! We went to St. Paul for the weekend since his baby sister's birthday was on the day after mine, so I guess he thought that celebrating our birthdays together was making it special enough for me. But it's not! It may be selfish, but I wanted something personal from him. Is that just so much to ask for??? I was already bummed out since it was raining the whole weekend so we didn't get to go to the flea markets up there, and he didn't even do anything to make me a bit happier.

I feel like whatever I want to make me happy, I have to tell him what it is specifically. That's fine, but sometimes I just want him to know and surprise me. Why can't he try some new things and see if I like it instead of me suggesting it to him all the time because doing so just takes the romance out of everything.

No one is perfect, and being romantic is one of his shortcomings. But why can't he at least try to be romantic on my birthday????

Gosh, I am so very disappointed in him.


Anonymous said...

well my birthday coming up in 2 days. And im pretty sure its gonna be as dissapointing as urs.My mom im pretty sure isnt gnna give me anything. And im pretty sure im not even gonna see my boyfriend.He works alot. And i would've loved it if he wouldve at least made an effort to make that one day of teh year specual to me...but it doesn look like thats going to happen. I guess my birthdays is going to be like any otehr day...

Anonymous said...

Awe. That's really dissapointing. I don't feel like you should feel guilty for knowing what makes you feel special and wanting that. Romantacism is important, especially if it's important to you. Every person needs the love in their life to get them. And take them for who they are and celebrate who they are with them. Your birthday is an important day. I wish the best birthday ever next year! <3