Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Dream Kitchen

I love kitchens that have both style and function because a kitchen is one of the few places that brings a family together. Almost all families eat together in which thoughts, laughter, and sometimes disagreement are professed between them. The kitchen really is the one place where you most often see everyone - a lively place of cooking and laughter - so it should perform for the family occupying it. A family should create a kitchen to fit their style and needs. And this is what my future dream kitchen would look like.

I would have beautiful wood counter tops and white open-cabinets. Not to mention, I would love to collect white dinnerware as well.

The moldings would be this lovely.

Stainless Steel appliances are a must...

Floors and a table this lovely and elegant.

There will be plentiful of flowers....

An old, rusty wooden sign would hang somewhere....

And last but not least.....I must have a lovely blackboard for quick messages.

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