Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vintage Poster Prints

I think it was a really bad idea buying buying a chunky chocolate chip cookie from Insomnia because now I really have insomnia and can't go to sleep. How terribly ironic. So hopefully, blogging will make me sleepy soon enough.

Onto the post at hand.....I was at Border's today browsing through their books and I became enraptured with vintage poster prints as I came across Lisa See's Shanghai Girls book.

I just loved the play of bright colors emanating from the book. Thus, I went online and found some amazing vintage prints of some lovely Shanghai ladies. I think these vintage prints would look fabulous against my white walls.

I really adore these two prints together and how they contrast each other so well. I am not a fan or orange at all, but I am seriously digging the red-orange of her kimono against the mustard backdrop.

These are also some other vintage prints that I would love to frame on my walls. I just love how the bold play of the yellow, red, and black colors.

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