Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Plates Infatuation

I am currently infatuated with collecting dinnerware. I just adore seeing pictures of kitchens with stacks of plates, hearty bowls, dainty cups, and mugs filling up the cabinets. It reminds me so much of my childhood kitchen and brings back so many warm and loving memories. In addition to being lovely eye candy, a dinnerware collection is also very usable! =)

I absolutely adore white dinnerware because they exude class and elegance, no matter their style.

But these flea market dinnerware collectibles are also so lovely. The fact that they are mismatched leads each different element to show off the other element, creating a very nice contrast overall.


Room design studio said...

Oooh noooo what are you doing to me!! I love thoooooose and I'm on my way of collecting white dishes ! love your blog and thank you for stopping by my blog!!

{eloquent essence} said...

What can I say....Great minds think alike. =) I just love white dinnerware because they're so versatile in any setting and would look gorgeous in any cupboard. I also wouldn't mind collecting other color and print dinnerware as well, but I just love white! Well, my blog is always here for your viewing pleasure and I adore your blog as well. =)

Have a great day! =)