Friday, June 12, 2009

Falling In Love With Flea-Market Style

Flea-market style decor is fabulous. I love how the decors are not perfectly matched but they implement each other through their color, style, and texture. What flea-market style says to me is that a room doesn't need to be adorned with expensive and perfectly matched items to have grace and style. You can decorate with anything as long as you are creative and you do it with love and zest and your room will simply show that. As Sam Keen eloquently said,

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

I think that quote just fits flea-market style perfectly. Each piece is old and rusty, but so lush and rich with history that to see its grace and perfection requires a keen eye. Flea-market style is not for everyone, but I simply love it. I wish there were some flea markets near where I live because I would really love to go to one. I just adore looking at old, antique things even though I may not buy much, or if anything at all. Sometimes just looking is enough to satisfy me. =)


Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I love flea market style! I wish we had some more great places to rummage through here - not so much as the US.
Sorry to hear you didn't have a great birthday - boys can be so heartless sometimes. Tell him that next year he has to make up for it big time! Sometimes you just have to spell it out for them!

{eloquent essence} said...

We do have quite a lot of flea markets, but not just any where I live LOL. Where do you live dear?

Yes, he better make it up next year for being lousy this year LOL! Sometimes I just hate that I have to tell him to do everything romantic for me - he's so romantic illiterate sometimes. I guess that's a big flaw I will have to deal with.