Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gossamer Wings

If you hold my hand,
           I'll hold yours.
If you want a song,
           I can sing you a
                       sweet, sweet melody.

                       We can walk through the field of green,
                                        where grasses grow up to our thighs.
                      We can wander through the forbidden forest,
                                       and be amazed by graceful beauty,
                                       and eat delectable red berries.
           We can swim in the wanton fickle sea,
                      where the lapis waves tell a tragic tale.

If you come with me,
           I'll go with you.

                         And when you hold my hand,
                                 I'll hold yours too.


b. said...

Love the light & the feeling of softness on these photos !

Joy C. said...

I don't what to say except for your photos are so gorgeous and beautiful. b. said it all!

Jo said...

So eerily beautiful. x

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thanks you for all your lovely comments! They truly make my day.

Have a fabulous weekend!


The Craft-Arty Kid said...

Beautiful photos! Like whoah

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thanks dear!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

your photos are absolutely stunning!! Just wondering what camera do you use? I suppose you change the lighting/colours in photoshop?

tina xx

Trou, .bleuebird said...

I use a 7d and yes, I do postprocess.

Jessi said...

such pretty pictures! the lighting is perfect!