Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Sushine

This week has been so nice, with the weather around 30-40s and the sun peeking through the clouds. A lot of the snow that we received two weeks ago has melted away so I finally see some grass. The weatherman says it might snow next week so I am not looking forward to Spring yet. This is Wisconsin after all and I should know that Winter is far from over.

I just have so many ideas for Spring and Summer photo shoots but I can't until the snow has melted and the grass is green and life is in the air. So patiently, I wait. Is anybody else waiting for Spring?


Joy C. said...

OMG you are definitely not the only one waiting most ardently for spring. Sure, there is something poetic and romantic about winter, but once Christmas is over and it's still going on for months on ends, it is just sheer dreariness. I went to high school in MI so I can definitely see how it's like in Wisconsin. I think you can bide the weeks (and sadly months) ahead by taking such wonderful pictures though!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn

Carissa said...

I love all the shots and the tone <3

Two Happy Hearts said...

it's so nice to see grass again, right? the weather's been warming up here in indiana as well. pretty photos!

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Joy C. - Only the first snowfall of Winter is beautiful for me. Everything after that is just full of slush. Yuck.

Two Happy Hearts - Yes, it's great to see grass again LOL. The color green just seems to add life into the air.

Thanks Jazzy E and Carissa.


Dana Lee said...

You look lovely! I love your dress :)
The background is so pretty and the photos are amazing.