Monday, February 28, 2011

If You Come Softly....

If you come softly
As the wind within the trees,
You may hear what I hear
See what sorrow sees.

If you come lightly
As threading dew,
I will take you gladly
No ask more of you.

And if you come, I will be silent
Nor speak harsh words to you.
I will not ask you why, now
Or how, or what you do.

We shall sit here, softly
Beneath two different years
And the rich earth between us
Shall drink our fears.

- Audre Lorde


Sarah said...

your pics are always so pretty! lovely blog dear x

Joy C. said...

Why is this strangely erotic sounding? LOL I'm thinking too much into it. Beautiful pictures!

Rebel Attitude said...

really different, oniric and romantic pics!!
I follow you from Spain :-)

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Joy C. - Hmm...I definitely did not associate the poem with an erotic undertone LOL. But now that you mention it, I slightly see it now haha.

Thank you Sarah.

And welcome Rebel Attitude. I love new readers.


Anonymous said...

pretty blog :)

lindsey lowe said...

beautiful poem!

Dylana Suarez said...



Karoline Kalvø said...

Gorgeous. Love your blog. Now following. Hope you'll follow me back.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
Karoline Kalvo

Alex Adamson said...

Wow! Stunning photography. I'd love to post some of this on my blog!


Ria :) said...

fantastic photographs :)


Reg Rodriguez said...

i love the filter in these pictures! love the feel of these :)


Beti said...

photos on your blog are just perfect... i love every each.

JoeyAna said...

love the softness to the photographs!


Fashion Photographer said...

Love the cranes! I decorated my christmas tree this year with nothing but paper cranes

GlamorousGirl said...

love all of these photos :)nice poem,too:)
nice blog!i'm gonna visit it again :)
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Chi said...

these photos are amazing! and your blog aswell :)

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Nice pictures. Very artistic. I like the colors.

maggeygrace said...

Again, you have the most beautiful posts of anyone. Seriously. Can these words be more perfect and these pictures even more dreamy? I love.

cryskay said...

your photos are always stunning! makes me want to take a photography class! xo

Tonio said...

Loved thos picures, so zen and so lovely.

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Marcella said...

Such a beautiful piece.

Louder than Silence said...

Such a dreamy post, love! Sally x

pocketwonders said...

These photos are gorgeous!

I love the whole simplicity of it -- and the simplicity of your blog too.

b. said...

Love this beautiful dreaminess !
Stunning photos !

Peach said...

It such a sweet atmosphere the one you get reading this post! really lovely pics!

Trou, .bleuebird said...

Thank you, thank you so much lovelies for your wonderful comments! After a stressful week, seeing all these lovely comments make me smile. ^__^

Jan said...

Love these pics,
especially the first one!
Gives me that great summer feeling (: